The ultimate guide buying a home.

Welcome!  The guide below was given to me by a wonderful company who specializes in answering the biggest and toughest questions in real estate.  If you want to have your own copy for free, CLICK HERE to get your own copy.

We believe the only reason to buy a home is if you can increase the quality of your life & your long term wealth.  Therefore we always want to be your real estate adviser NOT a sale person!  Step 1 is to book a buyer consultation by texting 858-519-7101 ... we can do it over the phone, video conference or in person at our state of the art office.

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The 10 Steps to Buying a Home

Everything you need to know NOW to confidently proceed!

First steps:

  1. Determine if this is a short term or long term purchase
  2. Create a housing budget
  3. Find your lender partner
  4. Understand the other costs besides a down payment
  5. Hire a real estate advisor
  6. Do a reasearch consultation
  7. Confirm all of your communities & neighborhoods

2nd Steps:

  1. Discuss negotitation tractics and strategies with your agent