What are the home buying consultations?

As professional real estate agents/Realtors, we believe people buy homes for two reasons:

  1. Improve the quality of their life/lifestyle

  2. Increase their long term wealth w/real estate

Therefore we recommend you hire a real estate advisor NOT a sales agent who just shows you houses and writes up a purschase contract.  To achive a achive the two goals of improving the quality of your life and long term wealth a thorough consultation is required.  

We believe there are 4 very important consultations to be completed during the buyers journey:

  1. Early research phase & preparation
  2. Ready to find the one (transactional phase)
  3. Offer and negotiation
  4. Due diligence & escrow

In the research phase there are some very important big picture decisions and conclusions for example:

  • Understand your short term vs long term real estate goals.
  • Which lender will give you the cheapest loan and best rate?
  • LIfestyle priorities, concessions & deal breakers
  • Pros and cons of cities/communites/neighborhoods
  • Purchasing power and the type of properties available.
  • How to time your purchase and move in.
  • Up-front costs of buying a home besides down payment.

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Learn more here and read our professionally created buyers guide answering the biggest questions buyers have in today.

When you are ready to find "the one," we consider that the ready to transact phase.  We need to get very specfici and go the extra mile:

  • Off market opportunities (learn more here)
  • Establish due diligence team (read an inspection report example)
  • Decide on team of service providers for the move, home, & transaction
  • Learn how to create the buyer letter to the seller
  • How to present an offer that wins in the competition
  • Review all negotiation tactics
  • Read over the California Purchase Contract example
  • Discover how to understand home prices better than the average real estate sales agent

Purchase contract offers and negotiations, deserve formal consultation, what we cover:

  • Home sellers different pricing strategies, which one did they use?
  • Mulitple offer challenges and how to win
  • The different terms that can be used in negotiation
  • The different offer price strategies and which one to use?
  • Buyer and buyer agent recon with the seller and selling agent

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The due diligence and "in escrow" phase can be really stressful therefore we like to meet and review the following:

  • Timelines & important dates of the contract
  • Scheduling the inspection and what to expect
  • Deciding on an additional inspectors if needed
  • The lenders job
  • Movers and dates
  • Handymen and contractors
  • Any possible risks & delays to be avoided 

Our desire is to become your trusted real estate advisor not just the sales agent, therefore if you allow us we will help you improve the quality of your life and build your long term wealth with this next home you purchase!

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