How to sell a house fast & for a higher price, San Diego CA

What's the best advice 6 months before you put your home on the market for sale?

*** What causes home sellers to leave $$$ on the table, creates unnecessary stress and expenses? 

The 9 common mistakes homeowners & the average Realtor make:

  1. Assuming the market is hot and buyers will buy regardless of the condition of your property.

  2. Believing the value of your home today is roughly equal to: A. Zillow Zestimate B. Recent appraisal

  3. Over-spending on unnecessary fixes/improvements that buyers don’t value

  4. Not identifying the current home trends that buyers would happily pay top dollar

  5. Not doing thorough research on direct comparison & price point competition properties in your market area - learning how to do price adjusted comparison.

  6. Not realizing that a buyer is going to have a home inspector nit-pick your house and point out every potential flaw.

  7. Generalizing on net profit without understanding costs associated

  8. Thinking that you can “test” the market to get a higher price

  9. Confirmation bias, only seeking evidence for why your home is worth more.

*** How to prepare for the move, sell for more $ and get the best terms on your timeline?

What we do for our home selling clients:

  1. Study all the new listings, under contract (how long it took), price reductions & sold properties within the two different markets:

    • Direct comparison/niche 

    • Price point competition (the buyers options) in the zip-code(s)

  2. Helping you to understand the different pricing strategies and watch how they work between now and then.

  3. Identify lowest priced improvements with highest return on your investment and or reviewing the bigger ticket items that could help break a price per square foot record … and reviewing all options to create a plan.      

  4. Understand how & why buyers get emotionally attached to a home

  5. Prepare the home to be most attractive to the highest # of buyers possible

  6. Find the best team to help you get all the work done for the cheapest cost and least amount of stress. 

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